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Crime fiction and thrillers you should read in 2019

Crime-fiction and thrillers are one of the most popular genres in literature. They are generally fast-paced and hard to put down, which makes them an enjoyable experience for most readers. Here we share some popular and bestselling crime-fiction and thrillers published this year, which you can add to your reading list.

Micro review: ‘No Trespassing’ by Brinda S. Narayan

No Trespassing by Brinda S. Narayan is an interesting thriller sure to keep you on the edge…The writing is excellent with vivid descriptions of places, people and emotions. The pacing of the book is steady with an almost dreamy flow which draws you in. The best part of the book is the setting, for it’s a gated community with ample guards and cameras; surrounded by friendly neighbours and seemingly safe. However, the book highlights the dark side to such a setting. It’s an edgy thriller which will stay with you after you’ve finished it.

Weaving a Fascinating Page-Turner

A gripping tale that will get your heart racing, written with an expertise that is hard to find in Indian authors these days. It’s a stunning work of fiction that would make a fantastic feature film…One of the best things about this is how real the characters seem. Narayan has done a spectacular job of defining and shaping her characters. The different layers each individual has makes them interesting to read about. While the work is purely fictional, one cannot help but relate to these fictional people on a deeply personal level.
The story has all the elements needed to make it terrifyingly good. The non-linear narration that goes back and forth in between timelines, paints a vivid picture in your head. It leaves you craving for more. This clear-cut narrative is also why this could be made into a feature film that would surely have the audience on the edge of their seats.

Behind the Rose-tinted Facade

If you were to consider the fact that almost 50,000 books get published in India each year, then the arrival of new publishing houses will only swell these awesome figures. Once in a while, comes a book like No Trespassing by Brinda S Narayan—a work that leaves you craving more than its 300-odd pages. Vedika and her family move from America back to the idyllic gated community of Fantasia, near Bengaluru. It’s only by-invitation, an ultra-luxury modern housing complex with its own private forest, lake and golf course away from the urban chaos.

A Grieving Mother. A Shocking Revelation: Excerpt From No Trespassing

In all that time after Sajan’s death, I had intentionally evaded a key question: what really happened, that evening, by the generator? How had my son fallen in? It was too hurtful for me to revisit those hours. Too piercing to confirm that Sajan, in his foggy state, hadn’t sensed the erupting fire. If I brooded on it for too long, I ended up trapped in remorse. After all, wasn’t I responsible for sending him out like that when I knew he wasn’t completely alright?

Book Check: What Read to Gift Your Mom

A complete work of fiction, No Trespassing traces the journey of a mother who returns to India after many years from the United States, only to lose her son for ever. Vedika, a simple woman with wealthy means is soon left bereft of peace and happiness as she realises that her son Sajan’s death was no accident, and instead a murder. Overcome by the idea of finding out how this could have happened, decades-old secrets are unravelled. Will she be able to solve the mystery fuelled by nothing but her son’s love? Will she be able to find out what her wealthy and secretive neighbours are hiding from their past? Gift your mother this piece of debut fiction which would make for an enthralling day-long read.

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BOOK REVIEW: No Trespassing by Brinda S Narayan

“No trespassing” is a riveting tale of a mother seeking redemption for the death of her son. From page one, the book pulls you in and keeps providing us clues to unravel.

No Trespassing ~ by ~ Brinda S Narayan

NO TRESPASSING is a stunning work of fiction with a perfect blend of suspence, spook , danger and mystery making it an absolute page turner. Gripping ,tense and a disquieting tale of love , loss and long forgotten dark past whose shadow lingers over till date. A journey and fight of a mother to find the real reason behind her son’s death inspite of life threatening dangers proves how far a mom can go beyond boundaries for the sake of her children and families.I urge everyone to read this mind-blowing book.

A book that stunned me with its sheer brilliance

I finished it in one sitting over a few hours. Gripping plot with terrifying twists and fluid writing. A must-read thriller like nothing I’ve read before.

Debeshi Gooptu, Author, Gurgaon Diaries

No Trespassing | Brinda S. Narayan | Book Review

In the end, No Trespassing is a book that only comes once in a while. With such an intriguing theme, a decent array of characters, some nail-biting and toe-curling narratives, a befitting climax and suspense laced writing – it is a really good book; one that I would certainly recommend to all my readers.